1 John 4:19

"We love because He first loved us."

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites 3.24.2017

Just when I think we've made it to Spring Break 2017, Stephen gets sick!
He's my healthy, zero complaints ever kiddos, so when he comes home from school & takes a nap, Mama knows something is up!
And of course it's the dang flu!
Because who else would kick off our Spring Break with the flu?!

So he's complained of a headache for day, but that was it. He had no other symptoms whatsoever. Thursday when he got home from school, he told Joe that the lights and sun hurt his eyes, so he wanted to lay down for a nap. This is the same kiddo who never ever get sick!
Joe met me at the Urgent Care after volleyball workouts where within minutes his test pinged positive for strain B.
{I heard from several sources that this is the worst strain, so double YIPPEE}

So today I'm linking up to wallow in my predicament, and to ask every to say a little prayer for my sweet firstborn. Also, pray that this nastiness doesn't run it's course through the Hensley 5...even though we are already taking bets on who gets hit next!
My bet is on Mama!
Thank goodness for these cooling patches. They are helping us manage that fever right now!
He's so bummed about missing school. He's that kid who loves, loves, loves school, and today at their school they are having a big EPIC party for good behavior for the last nine weeks as well as their Accelerated Reader popsicle party! He was also the class VIP, but his teacher informed us tonight that the class would celebrate Stephen as soon as they get back from SB!!


Side note: All of the kids got the Flu shot, and this is the first anything that the kids have caught this year.

The Flu is definitely not my favorite, but I did love sharing with y'all this week...

Another Favorite of mine that I've shared before is One Stop Bow Shop!!
Thursday they announced their new Spring Brand Reps, and Nataleigh was selected.
 She's super excited about more bows because ya can never have too many right?!
No shame in our bow game!

Today I'm linking with ErikaNarci, & Andrea for Friday Favorites!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I tend to use the word "obsessed" a little often. Whether it be in a text message, conversation, or a social media hashtag, this mama loves to be #obsessed with good stuff!!
Today I want to share a couple of things that I am obsessed with or obsessing over right this minute!

Matilda Jane Sneaks

It's no secret that I love Matilda Jane, but they just let out a couple of sneaks. 
Every release within this collection has just gotten better & better, and my husband grumbles as he reads this, I swear. 
 More Bedding!!!!
And check out this back detail!!!
This dress needs to be photographed....ASAP!!

Also, right now Matilda Jane's sale site, Good Luck Trunk has some super good deals. 
I snagged this dress for myself.
This dress is a MUST-HAVE!
Size down, but it is my favorite!!

So, so good, and so, so comfy!!

The Blacklist

This is our jam right now, and thank you Netflix!!
We are watching this every free minute we have, and we are loving it!!
Season 3..we're coming for you.
Oh Tom/Jacob/whoever you are!

Brussels Sprouts

This is not a test!
This extremely picky eater likes Brussels Sprouts.
I'm as shocked as you are, but it's true.
I easily fix sprouts now like 2-3 times a week.
I halve the sprouts, diced a slice of uncooked bacon, and then toss them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then I roast them at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until they are tender & scrumptious!
Seriously, try them. 

Halo Top Ice Cream

This ice cream is some kinda yummy...& healthy!
My favorite is the peanut butter cup, and Joe loves the s'mores. Each pint has about 300 calories in the entire thing! It is the perfect sweet treat, and thanks to the protein in the ice cream, it doesn't take long to get full!

Apple iWatch

I splurged last month, and I grabbed myself an iWatch. 
I love it. I love not having to look at my phone for every message, notification, or email. It's been great being able to keep up with my steps and activity throughout the day. 
Rose gold with the pink sand band.
Series 2 watch. 
I don't normally wear watches or bracelets, but this one is so comfortable that I hardly notice that I'm wearing it. 

So seriously, I'm #obsessed with these 5 things & so much more, but I'll leave you with these.

Happy Wednesday..we're almost to the weekend & Spring Break!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yesterday, I shared just a few of the ways I try to make this life & my jobs work, and I what I often forget is that I'm quite the "momager" for my 3 busy kids. This weekend, like most, was super busy, and we spent it together..just like I like it!
We sent these two cuties off to school sporting their green.

Then Joe & I surprised Nataleigh with a trip to the movies to see....
And y'all it was better than I could have ever imagined.
I seriously loved it.
 Popcorn + Princess Movie + her blanket = perfection
Seriously!! We had a blast together watching Mama's & Nataleigh's favorite princess. 
We've been watching the original version in our car for the past week plus, so she was basically acting it out in her seat the entire time, and even though this film was shrouded by controversy, it was well-worth every minute and penny spent together. She's such a smart child. She got the important parts of the film, and then Joe & I were able to use it to share God's great love with her. She told me, "Mommy, I bet Gaston doesn't love Jesus because he is mean & lies." She gets what is important. She also said that she wants to be just like Belle when she grows up..smart & kind. You can find sin and ugliness everywhere, even within the church itself, but we are choosing to teach our kids to look for the moments that they can be Jesus to someone who needs Him. I've had some negative feedback about seeing this film, and I've chosen to respond to hatred because I took my daughter to a movie about a smart, strong, kind princess with kindness. If you disagree with our parenting decision, that is fine, but remember that these are our kids & we are doing what we deem to be best for them...not you.
Later we stopped by another favorite Tri-Cities spot, Blackbird Bakery, for a couple of goodies...St. Patty's donuts!!
By the way how perfect was Riding Bikes Pearl for a St. Patty's/Beauty and the Beast day?!
It has blue and yellow roses with green sprinkled through, and we topped her outfit off with a bow from One Stop Bow Shop. I searched all week for an outfit for our day, and I was disappointed with what I found, but she noticed that one of Belle's outfits looked a whole lot like her outfit.

All that girliness from Friday was in stark contrast to the boys' day of Saturday.
 Stephen played in his last tournament of the season! 
9 hours with some of the most fun, loud mamas and kiddos!
Nothing better than ending the season with a championship.
I want to take a quick second to brag on Stephen a bit. 
The boy played and practiced his little heart out this season. This was definitely a season of growth for this boy. He played up on a 4th grade team, and while he wasn't always the best player on the court, there were very few minutes where a kid had more heart than Stephen. He played every minute at 100%, and I couldn't have been prouder. He became a smart, strong, confident player out there in a mere few months. I cannot wait to see where he goes with this sport he loves so much.

 Sundays are for church and quick photo sessions outside of the church, yet this Sunday both boys jetted inside before I could snap their picture.
This was a steal of a dress that my Mother-In-Law found Nataleigh.
She found it for a couple of dollars at the Goodwill in Asheville, NC. It's a Ralph Lauren wrap dress that I layered over THIS tutu dress {sale alert}!!
 We begin every Sunday morning service at Hickory Tree Union Church with alter prayers corporately, and I loved seeing my sweet girl down there praying with her friends.
 This Sunday called for Panda Express orange chicken & basketball!
And then I spent the rest of my weekend organizing my tags, hangers, and clothes for the Tri-Cities Upscale Affordable Consignment Sale. Let's all just say a quick prayer that everything sells!!

Our weekend was so good, and I really couldn't have asked for a better last winter weekend!
Happy Spring y'all!